THANK YOU for your interest in our rescued dogs and cats! If you are considering providing a furever home to one of our deserving rescues, Please see the full details of our Adoption Process. In a nutshell, the process includes:

STEP 1) View Our Available Dogs or Cats to find the one that might be right for you!

STEP 2) Complete a Pre-Adoption Application – this is an important step! Priority is given in the order in which we receive applications (an email inquiry is not sufficient!)

STEP 3) Meet-and-Greet to determine if it really is the right one for you!

STEP 4) Complete Adoption by signing adoption contract and submitting adoption fee!

Click Here to See Only Dogs and Puppies on Petfinder

Click Here to See Only Cats and Kittens on Petfinder
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ADOPT A CAT OR KITTEN TODAY! Some HART Kittens and Adult Cats are available at the Adoption Center at Tri-County PetSmart in Springdale, OH or Tylersville PetSmart in West Chester, OH. Please visit Tri-County PetSmart or Tylersville PetSmart today to see if your new kitty is waiting there for you! (Cash only for the adoption fee, and must have a carrier to take the kitty home in.)


Finding Pets Their Forever Home. is the first adoptable search service that offers real-time updates of adoptable pets in shelters. Partnered with thousands of animal welfare locations across North America, let us help you find your Petmatch today!

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