A group of students from Terrace Park Elementary (teacher Tom Zaya) participated in a project called “Warriors Can Change the World”.  They decided to focus on our organization, HART of Cincinnati!  They donated boxes of blankets, towels, beds, litter, food, toys etc for the care of our dogs and cats.  They also came and helped at a number of our Adoptathon events.  It is because of the help and support of groups like this that we are able to give back to the animals in our communities.  Thank you Mr. Zaya, for leading such a compassionate and caring group of students!  And thank you students, for being what we need most in society today!

Ryan Hildreth (and Tip the dog and Mom Melissa)adopted Tip from HART 3 years ago.

For his 10th birthday party, he had his guests bring donations for HART!

You can see some of those donations all around him!

This is Beckett Station Craft Club-West Chester Who says they only eat and drink?? HA!

Blankets made for HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Cincinnati)

They hope to send each pup, dog, cat and kitten to their "forever" home with their own blanket.

Brownie troop from Cincinnati Waldorf School (co-leader Katy) visited the West Chester PetSmart on 4/10/10 to donate some handmade catnip mice and dog chew toys to the cats and dogs of Rescue a Hart, along with some Wish List items. Katy expressed to us sincerely... "Thanks for letting the girls pat and hold the animals, they really enjoyed it and also really enjoyed making the toys for them". HART is amazed and thankful that these girls were looking out for our animals and wanted to make their TEMPORARY HOME a bit more playful for them. Thank you very much GIRLS!

A huge HART thank you to Dan Van Lokeren who recently had a BIG birthday and asked that his friends donate to HART (in lieu of presents for himself).

10/14/09 Thank you Brownie Troop 40189 headed up by Karen Stevens who go together and donated awesome catnip socks for the cats and kittens being fostered by HART. The cats and kitties love them!


The community outreach program, REACH, made up of Quest Diagnostic, the world's largest clinical laboratory testing facility located in Bond Hill took up a collection from their employees during the month of April for HART animal rescue.

This was headed up by Jennifer Lamb a HART volunteer and employee of Quest Diagnostic. They collected, leashes, bowls, collars, food, toys, kitty liter, and a plastic crate for both cats and dogs. Also, a special event was held Friday, April 24th for employees who could donate to the rescue in exchange for a 10 minute massage.

The end result was happy employees and a $125 collection for the rescue.

Hart had an event with the Deer Park Bark in the Park on 5/9/09. Tom Sutton (he and his wife Autumn have been long HART volunteer cat fosters) got Deer Park to make HART the donated charity for the event. Through his leadership they provided a donation to us for $123.50. Thank you Deer Park, Tom and Autumn.


Girlscout troops 6947 and 9432 Leader-Debbie Saxe

A HART rescue volunteers spoke with these girl scout troops about our rescue. All were very concerned with the abundance of animals with no homes. We may see some future rescuers in this pic!

A Big Big thank you to Daley Scott (7th Grade) who attends Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School. Daley took up a collection and got $72.10 for our rescue. GREAT JOB Daley and the dogs and cats thank you BIG TIME!

Names are from left to right, bottom row first- Kui, Aleia, Elizabeth, & Nicole; left to right, top row- Katie, Rhianon, Grace, & Rebecca. Not pictured are Lil, Cherie and Jackie.

The Junior Girl Scout Troop # 49329 from Freedom Elementary in West Chester, lead by Cherie Hardy and Jackie Fisher decided that their project this year was to collect items for HART's dogs and cats. They accomplished this by getting people to donate items or they did chores to earn money to buy a lot of the items such as towels, blankets, dog/cat treats, dog bones, collars, leashes, dog/cat toys. Thank you very much for thinking of HART.

Tomas had a birthday February 2009 and for the second year in a row, he decided to have his guests give donations to HART instead of gifts for him. His family adopted Lucy 3.5 years ago from HART. Items were collected for the dogs and cats. Thank you Tomas and Lucy
Justin and Grant did a project for HART by collecting cat and dog food, treats and toys for our HART animals. Roxanne and Margo met them at Animal Care Center - Fairfield where they got to play with all the puppies and kitties.


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