Thank for your interest in our rescued dogs and cats! If you are considering providing a forever home to one of our deserving rescues, please follow the steps below:

STEP 1) View our available dogs and cats and read the bios by clicking here.
We always have additional rescues in our foster homes who are not yet ready for adoption, so if you don’t see a specific dog or cat you want, please proceed to step 2 anyway. We can help you find the pet that is a good match for you and the pet. 

STEP 2) Complete an Adoption Application. Dog ApplicationCat Application

This is a required step in the process whether you are interested in a specific pet or just looking to adopt a pet in general, but you aren’t sure which one yet. Our volunteers will forward your application for a specific pet to the foster family and if your application is being considered, they will reach out to you to make sure the pet is a good match for your home. If you are interested in adopting but don’t have a specific pet in mind, a volunteer will reach out to you to help find the perfect match.

STEP 3) Meet-and-Greet.
Once your application has been screened by the foster family to ensure a good match, he/she will arrange for you to meet the pet. This may take place as a home visit, a meet-up at a Petsmart store, a park, or whatever works best for the foster family, the pet, and you.

STEP 4) Complete Adoption.
Congratulations on finding the pet that is right for you! The final step is to complete our adoption contract and submit the adoption fee. The foster volunteer will provide all necessary paperwork. The adoption fee can be paid by cash, check, or credit card at the time of adoption.

An application does not obligate you to adopt. Please understand that due to the volume of applications some animals may receive, we are unable to contact all applicants right away. If your application is considered a good fit for the pet you are interested in, or even a different pet, a volunteer will reach out to you within a week of receipt.

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees only partially reimburse HART for veterinary expenses. We must rely on grants, donations, and fundraising events to make up the difference.

Dog - 1 year and older $250

Puppy - under 1 year $300

Cat – 1 year and older $70 (we offer a reduced adoption fee for adult bonded pairs)

Kitten – under 1 year $80 (we offer a reduced adoption fee for adopting 2 kittens together)

Senior Cat – 8 years and older - $50

***additional adoption fees may apply for purebred and designer breeds

Pay Adoption Fees here

HART provides the following veterinary services:

spay/neuter, fecal test w/parasite treatment, microchip insertion and registration.

Puppies: 1st three sets of DHPP shots, rabies, Bordetella, leptospirosis vaccine

Adults: 2 DHPP's, rabies, heartworm test, Bordetella, leptospirosis vaccine

Dogs/Puppies are given flea/tick treatment and heartworm preventative while in our foster care system. Adopter is responsible for continuing this throughout the dog's life.

spay/neuter, fecal test w/parasite treatment, microchip insertion and registration, FeLV/FIV screening.

Kittens: 2-4 FVRCP shots (depending on age), rabies vaccination

Adults: FVRCP vaccinations, rabies vaccination

Cats/Kittens are given flea/tick treatment while in our foster care system. Adopter is responsible for continuing this throughout the cat's life.

* For all out of state adoptions or in state adoptions beyond 200 miles, we require 3 personal references. Along with that there is also a $50.00 surcharge fee in addition to your adoption fee. This surcharge fee allows HART to travel to the destination in the case that the adoption doesn't work out and the dog needs to be returned to HART.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to hold adopt-a-thons at this time, however we are still able to do adoptions through one-on-one meetings. You can also see some of our adoptable cats and kittens at the South Lebanon Petsmart, WestChester Petsmart, TriCounty Petsmart, and Kitty Brew Cafe.