Back in November 2016, the Homeless Animal Rescue Team, (HART) of Cincinnati rescued approximately 65 dogs from a hoarding situation and listed them on our website.  They were rapidly adopted; however, one client backed out at the last minute.  Becky Moeggenberg had inquired earlier but was told all the dogs were spoken for.

We called her on Sunday morning and told her one little guy was available.  Becky names him Finnigan and started loving him immediately.  Then she got the idea to train Finn to be a therapy dog.  It was a long road! Now Finnigan is a therapy dog for Children’s Hospital and Pet Partners of Greater Cincinnati.  They’ve been to schools, retirement facilities, and hospitals spreading love and joy.

The journey from rescue to therapy dog was an interesting one to say the least! So Becky wrote a book about it entitled Finnigan Finds His Special Job, and beautifully illustrated by Maggie O’Neal, a student at the University of Cincinnati.

Finnigan remembers everything he went through and in turn tries to help people going through the same type of situations. It’s a great way for young folks to understand empathy and the important part dogs play in our lives.

The book celebrates all rescue and therapy per organizations and the teams that go out every day!

As a fundraiser, you can order the book from Amazon now through September 30th and all proceeds will go to HART!  Thank you for your support of HART and the amazing work being done by all the pet therapy teams!

Finnigan Finds His Special Job, Rebecca, O’Neal, Maggie 9798561920035: Amazon.com:books