HART is a 100% volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization. Dependent on our capacity, we accept animals from puppy mills, shelters, strays, and victims of animal abuse. There is never a lack of work, only a lack of fosters. HART does not have a physical shelter or boarding facility for our pets, so we rely on foster homes.

HART fosters provide a safe, loving, structured environment for our animals until they are adopted into their forever homes. Our rescue can’t operate without our dedicated foster families.

Fostering is a very rewarding opportunity. Many people think that if they foster a dog or cat, they will become too attached and not be able to let go. That is a common reason to hesitate volunteering to become a foster family, but words can’t describe how good it feels to know you saved that pet’s life and you watch him or her be adopted into their new, loving home. That life was saved because YOU agreed to foster.

HART fosters are supplied with veterinary care and many of the supplies needed for a pet, such as food, litter, toys, leashes, collars, carriers, etc. based on what we have in storage. Each new HART foster also receives a handbook to help you along the way.

We need fosters of all types, for both dogs and cats. Whether you’re a family with lots of kids, a couple with no kids, a retired couple, a single – whatever your situation, we are glad to have you join our team.

if you are interested in Fostering please fill out the Foster Application:  Dog Foster ApplicationCat Foster Application