HART of Cincinnati Animal Rescue.
HART members share the same goal to save, spay / neuter, love, and find them forever homes.

Adoption Process

Thank for your interest in our rescued dogs and cats! If you are considering providing a forever home to one of our deserving rescues there are several steps to the process beginning with finding your new pet. Please click the Learn More button below.

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Become A Foster

Fostering is a very rewarding opportunity. Many people think that if they foster an animal they will not be able to let it go. That may happen in some instances. However, placing an animal with a loving family benefits the animal and the adopter.

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There are many volunteer opportunities available at HART. You may volunteer to help with as many as you like. If you do not see something listed that you would like to do please let us know. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas.

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HART is a 100% volunteer, non-profit animal rescue organization. We accept animals from puppy mills, stray cats and dogs, animal abuse victims, and overflow from shelters, etc. There is never a lack of work, only a lack of volunteers.
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